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The Unknown

I'm focusing on my relationship with The Unknown this week, and I’m having a really great time unravelling this massive concept. To begin with, just a little exploration and the whole cohesive identity of The Unknown begins to fall apart. 

Ultimately, when we get to the root of our deepest fears, we find that in some way, they all stem from our relationship with death and separation, death being the ultimate Unknown. 

When YOU connect with The Unknown, what specifically comes up in your awareness? Just take this one moment to observe yourself. What does The Unknown bring up for you?

Maybe it brings up: Money. What if I can’t find a job? I don’t know what to do with my life. Why am I so angry all the time? What and where is my purpose? But I don’t know what will happen! I don’t know!!!!!!!!!

All of these are signs pointing to deeper revelations. They are gifts that can guide you toward the growth of inner security and support, disillusionment about identity, and what experiencing meaning in life really is for you.

How we relate to the unknown in our lives is a common theme in my work with my clients. There is so much conditioned fear, so many feelings of being victimized by what we don’t know, as though what is unknown not only has a life of it’s own, but a specific goal to take us down. 

The mind is a powerful projector, and as those of you who have had LifeLine sessions with me know, it is our perception that determines what we experience and how we interpret (derive meaning from) our subjective realities. And the thing is, our experience (that we perceive to be coming from ‘out there’) is actually a reflection of what we hold as true, deep within the subconscious mind. Simply put: the conflict in your life points the way toward total transformation and healing.

In a LifeLine session, you get to set a powerful new intention and bridge the gap between all of that old subconscious conditioning and what you consciously choose to become now

As you contemplate The Unknown, it might be fun to think about all of the 'unknowns' that you have no problem with at all - the little ones: what you're gonna wear tomorrow, when the new iPhone is coming out, what you're going to have for dinner later in the week, what the weather will be tomorrow, when you'll talk with a sibling next, when Spring is finally going to get here, etc. - the unknowns that are actually everywhere all the time, but are so low on perceived importance that they don't bother you at all.

This can begin to unravel the concept of The Unknown from a ‘fearful monster' into something much easier to navigate, really just a temporary adjective without independent substance. You get to appreciate that you actually have zero resistance to an enormous amount of unknowns. You only react to Unknowns in the areas of your life where you’re being encouraged to grow and evolve like a superstar. 

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