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I AM YES® is a holistic healing practice that empowers you bring the mind, body, and spirit together with conscious choice. 

Awareness Challenge: What does it mean to be Present?

For just *this moment*, can you make a radical choice to drop out of the mind and into your heart and just FEEL what it's like to be here? Maybe take a breath into that feeling. And have no opinions about it at all. And that's it. You're welcome to stay as long as you like. 

Why does it often take a heightened or traumatic event to jar us out of our conditioned thinking and into the being of the present moment? The elusive realm of now, available to all of us unconditionally... if only we could find it.  

Present Time Consciousness (PTC in LifeLine lingo) is what interrupts the autopilot in you. Becoming fully present is the first step in every LifeLine session.

PTC allows us to observe symptoms and stress (what you observe, you influence) and then raise our consciousness with intention (intention is set from PTC). 

To learn more, go here: The LifeLine Technique   

Infinite Love & Gratitude!

I AM YES. Bringing you back into your power with conscious choice.