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Genuine Confidence no matter what

There's a very simple approach to confidence that has revolutionized my relationship with performing and given me the courage to take action in my life in ways that had previously seemed overwhelming. This blog is a perfect example. Welcome to my blog! (My what? My blog!)

I tend to think in bigger, idealistic thoughts, and it can be a challenge for me to break that vision into doable daily actions. I know what it is to be paralyzed by a creative vision! How do I make that Happen? And where do I even start? So here it is:

There is ONE THING you can ALWAYS have 100% genuine confidence in, no matter what - your ability to learn.

For instance, when I step into my audition later today, rather than having to summon confidence from all the effort and preparation I've put into this material I'm about to perform, I will shift my focus instead to a much more yin approach. Before I step into the room, I will surrender the whole thing, the success of the audition, the potential job, the potential income, the potential weeks of work that could help me to qualify for health insurance... all of it. I give it all up in advance. And then, I have a thought about how, no matter what, I can always learn something new. I think about how gentle and fun it is to learn new things and have new experiences. The heart softens and the burden of any imposed Confidence in the audition room is released. Then, I can become a Player in the olde worlde sense. I may not have any control over the outcome of the audition, but I have a wonderful feeling of openness and presence during it. Stepping forward today with this week's intention: I AM Learning with Ease, feeling Joyful Expansion! Infinite Love & Gratitude.

*This photo is from a production of Grace, or The Art of Climbing  by Lauren Feldman at The Denver Center. For this show, I learned how how to climb, which I'd never done before. The reminder that I can always learn what I don't yet know transported me through that process. It was thrilling.

I AM YES. Bringing you back into your power with conscious choice.