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FAQ 4: What can I expect to feel after a session?

I leave these sessions feeling like something very deep in my being has been touched and awakened. And this awakening is a positive force. Like the problem that I brought to the session has been addressed and that solutions are possible and beginning.
— Eugene Wolf (Actor/Director/Musician, Abingdon, VA)
rejuvenated doesn’t quite describe it. reborn. that’s sounds strong perhaps, but it is exactly how I feel when we finish a session.
— S.Z. Brooklyn
A sense of lightness. The stresses & symptoms you come in with will take on a less prominent role in your consciousness.
— Marcia Fritz, Chicago, IL
I usually feel relatively neutral, which is often a significant shift from the intensity of the emotion that I’m experiencing at the beginning of a session. The outcomes of the Lifeline work are most evident in retrospect several days / weeks after the session when you realize that you have been (re)acting differently to circumstances that used to trigger you in the past.
— Katherine (Brooklyn)
— W.R. (Actress, Chicago)
Lighter. Literally. Warm. Confident. If not actually healed (though maybe actually healed), then with strong belief that a path toward healing is available and achievable.
— Darius (Portland, OR)
You can expect to feel calm & serene.
— Elizabeth (NY)
After awhile you can expect to feel a shift in your thinking and how you experience life. I can truly say that I am a much more present person now since having several sessions with Julie. I feel much more grounded and happier.
— Jill D. (Pianist/Artist NYC)
Better than when you came in!
— R (NY, NY)
I’ve left my sessions with Julie feeling open and expanded. The sensations of healing continued to flow through the rest of the day. There is a sense of being uplifted. The next morning I am always amazed to truly feel a continuing energetic shift in my body — and a confidence that I can consciously work with the intentions we set forth in our session.
— C.K. (Writer, Actor, Director, New York City)

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