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I AM YES® is a holistic healing practice that empowers you bring the mind, body, and spirit together with conscious choice. 


Julie is astonishing!  She exudes a special kind of loving energy. With her command of the Lifeline Technique, my sessions have been profound and beyond words. It is truly amazing how much she can clear out in one session. My husband and mother have also had sessions with Julie. Sometimes the unknown is scary, but I always feel safe with Julie, guiding the way. She is an amazing healer, so kind and compassionate. If you decide to take that important step towards your healing journey, you will be so pleased that you did.  I suggest spending your time and spending your money and just do it. I feel so lucky to have found Julie on the internet, she is an angel on earth. Lisa from Long Island, NY

The work with Julie has helped to remove barriers between what I want to do and what I am able to do. Katherine (Brooklyn)

I am someone who has historically felt like any change for the better in my life has to come through struggle, frustration and work.  LifeLine has cured me of this delusion.  I now realize that when the 2%-8% of my conscious mind is battling the over 90% of my sub-conscious mind, the sub-conscious will win every time.  LifeLine has been an amazing way of communicating with my sub-conscious mind and dismantling my old fears, habits and ways of thinking, so I can begin operating in the world as the person I want to be now, (not the person I was taught to be as a five-year old, two-year old, one-hour old newborn).  Every LifeLine session has left me feeling more in touch with my present day self and with more hope and excitement for the self I can become.  I am greatly looking forward to continuing LifeLine work. T.K. Brooklyn, NY

Julie makes you feel safe when you walk into her presence. She radiates a great light that stays with you for days after a session. As she leads you through your healing it is clear that she is in tune with a power deeper than our conscious mind. With her big blue ocean eyes she sees into your subconscious and emotional core and feels with you. Upon a single touch of the wrist, she knows what you are feeling in your heart. She is by your side- you are not alone and you are understood. This is a gift honed and nourished by Julie that she shares in the most loving way possible. During the healing Julie aids in bringing up subconscious patterns that don't serve us anymore and allows for new more positive intentions to take their place. The process involves bringing up negative ideas or feelings we have so we can then let them go and be free. This journey is about learning to love yourself so you can then emanate that love out into the universe. What could be better? Julie can make you fly! Sarah B. Brooklyn, NY

Julie is one of the most dynamic personalities I have known in the healing field. Her innate gifts and talents allow her to create a neutral space for the healing work -- and her joy in practicing it brings a unique openness, humor, and acceptance into the practice. She works to help unblock the subconscious blocks in your own being -- and open up communication with your highest self so you can directly participate in healing through your own words and affirmations. 

Julie is a dedicated healer -- meaning, she is dedicated to the person she is working with. Without a doubt, she has a personal mission to help energetically clear each individual and won't let anything -- including time -- limit that possibility. She is a very generous healer. C.K. (Writer, Actor, Director, New York City) 

Julie is the perfect guide and facilitator to help open channels and connect with the grateful, loving, joyful spirit that seems grateful to be freed! WH-New York

I am new to LifeLine so I'm learning about it as I go.  Is it a pretty intricate system, and I'm not always sure about how things 'work', but what I do know is that Julie's energy and intention is so sincere and positive, that even just spending an hour chatting with her is tremendously healing.  I've been so pleased with how my attitude towards my own life has improved over the past few months, and I know that Julie and our work together has had something to do with that. Rachel S., New York

The lifeline technique session was so quick with Julie quite accurate and efficient. I learned so much and was given a complete detail of what was going on underneath the surface. It was amazing to know something that affected me in a past life and great to bring it up and clear it so lovingly and compassionately. I loved the lifeline technique with Julie. It was lots of fun! Angela Pearl Brooklyn New York 

Here's some feedback from artists who use I AM YES to release resistance in their creative process:

TWO sessions with her and I ACTUALLY feel like a different person—not kind of, not “rush of endorphins after working out or a good night’s sleep” NO: actually. The difference between weeping while warming up and struggling to make phonated sound, to singing again. You know how sometimes people SAY that phrase and don't mean it literally? I mean: I did A session with her and VOILA my voice was back. I did a second and VOILA the panic was gone. GONE. After my third session I felt the kind of shift Siberian-soul searching, journaling, vision boarding til there were no glue sticks left in Queens, and yeeeears of therapy could not replicate. 

Also? I did these sessions on the phone. I wasn't even in her physical presence.

Basically: contact her. For the cost of a NYC voice lesson my life has truly shifted. A. S. (Grammy nom. Broadway Actress/Singer, NYC) 

The very nature of the healing technique is artistic. It is being administered and conducted by a woman who knows her own art and is able to use this knowledge and skill in a way that speaks to the artist in me. Sometimes there aren't concrete answers to some of the questions posed in the sessions. It's the same way with my acting. But this technique helps me trust that my approaches to the questions are just as important as the answers I receive. Eugene Wolf (Actor/Director/Musician, Abingdon, VA)

Julie's healing work heightens my awareness of the false stories people (including myself) have running their lives. If I am acting or writing or directing, I know that stories put a mirror up to nature -- to help us see and understand ourselves better. So Julie's work gives me compassion for anyone who believes they are anything other than a spark of the divine creative force. It reminds me of my own mission -- which is to remember who I am, and who we all are -- the infinite part of us that never changes, is always loving, no matter the condition. Yes, we are capable of such light. C.K. (Writer, Actor, Director, New York City)

Julie manages to get to the core of the issue with this work while other methods that I have tried just seemed to have little or a temporary effect. She is very thorough in exploring the roots of the patterns that may be holding you back. I have found alot of relief since going through the process several times with Julie.                      

After awhile you can expect to feel a shift in your thinking and how you experience life. I can truly say that I am a much more present person now since having several sessions with Julie. I feel much more grounded and happier.

The process of Lifeline has helped me to be more productive with my music and artwork. I am also able to feel freer in my piano playing and this is greatly appreciated. Jill D. (Pianist/Artist NYC)

Julie is a force of love and compassion, like a wave or a strong wind you will be very glad you walked into. In a typical session you will repeat after her: "I am (fill in the positive blank) - I can't help it, it's my nature." And no matter what you thought before, you won't be able to help being moved toward wholeness by Julie's nature.

I came to her in the thick of a difficult life transition. Things felt so bleak on the day of our first session that I had a hard time even saying the words "love" and "gratitude." I was adrift at sea, very far off from myself and the usual balms of yoga and meditation didn't help. After the very first session, the pain and hopelessness that I experienced as "off the charts" became something manageable that I could work through. Within a few weeks I began to feel more like my usual positive self.

Julie was like a gifted tour guide through the inner workings of my emotional, physical and spiritual being and together we unraveled old beliefs and reactive mechanisms that no longer served and replaced them with healthier ones in the present moment. I think that this is  Julie's fundamental talent - being fully present wherever the Lifeline journey takes you and encouraging every cell of your inner being to shift into the now so you can move into the future with joy and awareness beating strongly in your heart. I can't say enough good things (and I would if I could) - Julie is to be celebrated and joyously thanked for her commitment to healing in general and for everyone she comes into contact with. Infinite love and gratitude! Jenn K., Brooklyn, NY (Singer/Songwriter)

I have started to work MUCH more often since my first session with julie. I feel more passion for my work and the jobs have come to me, rather than me pursuing them. which is awesome. S.Z. Brooklyn

I have more joy in my work. W.R. (Actress, Chicago)

I AM YES. Bringing you back into your power with conscious choice.