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I AM YES® is a holistic healing practice that empowers you bring the mind, body, and spirit together with conscious choice. 

FAQ 5: What is it like to work with Julie?

When I try to describe the experience of Julie’s healing, the word that comes to mind is journey. We journeyed through various senses, making connections between sensory feeling and emotional feeling. We were finding keys: keys to unlock automatic emotional responses and protections. I’d never looked for those keys before.
— W.R. (Actress, Chicago)
The session is very gentle. The questions and problems that I have brought are dealt with indirectly through techniques that are very satisfying. Julie performs muscle testing while asking me questions about my general being that begin to focus on the specific reasons I have brought that need healing. And if I can’t identify those in my mind and heart, the technique allows for Julie and I to hone in on the possibilities for the dis-ease. So that I feel like my problem is addressed.
— Eugene Wolf (Actor/Director/Musician, Abingdon, VA)
It’s apparent that Julie thoroughly enjoys her work and is invested in working with you to heal and develop.
— Katherine (Brooklyn)
Julie is one of the most dynamic personalities I have known in the healing field. Her innate gifts and talents allow her to create a neutral space for the healing work — and her joy in practicing it brings a unique openness, humor, and acceptance into the practice. She works to help unblock the subconscious blocks in your own being — and open up communication with your highest self so you can directly participate in healing through your own words and affirmations.

Julie is a dedicated healer — meaning, she is dedicated to the person she is working with. Without a doubt, she has a personal mission to help energetically clear each individual and won’t let anything — including time — limit that possibility. She is a very generous healer.
— C.K. (Writer, Actor, Director, New York City)
Julie is 100% present. She is confident & committed to the Lifeline Technique, and it comes through in her work. Without question, working with her is working in partnership.
— Marcia Fritz, Chicago, IL
the sessions can be about a specific issue, or not. you don’t have to identify the “problem” you want to address. Julie’s sessions involve clearing away old belief systems you are likely not even aware that you ascribe to. clearing away the cobwebs, opening the heart, dismissing self limitations.
— S.Z. Brooklyn
Julie is a very pleasant and understanding person. You can expect to feel very comfortable dealing with your issues with her. She also makes the sessions seem interesting and fun.
— Jill D. (Pianist/Artist NYC)
It was great to work with Julie. I had 2 sessions with her.
— Elizabeth (NY)
Julie is a very positive person who listens intently and with great care to what I say. There is a real feeling of not being alone with my problems when I’m with her.
— R (NY, NY)

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