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FAQ 6: What is it like to work with Julie over the phone or skype? Will I feel connected even though I'm not there in person?

I find working with Julie on Skype or telephone not really different from working in person. Her energy and intention carry over technology and reach me and my soul and body respond.
— Eugene Wolf (Actor/Director/Musician, Abingdon, VA)
Julie was the first person I ever worked with on Skype. The 2nd time we worked, my Skype didn’t work, & we had to work by phone. I felt absolutely no less connected, nor did I feel like it could have been a better session if we had been working in person. It was actually astounding how even over the phone she ‘read’ me and understood exactly what I was trying to convey (even when I didn’t know what I was trying to convey!!).
— Marcia Fritz, Chicago, IL
Working with Julie over the phone was just like being there in person with here. She was very thorough explaining the procedure of how the session would progress.
— Elizabeth (NY)
most definitely yes, you will feel connected all the same. she has a great capacity to aim her energy, and to receive yours. in person or across the country.
— S.Z. Brooklyn

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