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I AM YES® is a holistic healing practice that empowers you bring the mind, body, and spirit together with conscious choice. 

FAQ 7: What can I expect to take away from a session?

I bring with a sense of renewal and and understanding that my problems are identified and that forces are now at work that allow me to move forward and shed some of the past chains that bind me and cause my pain. There’s a lift to my soul.
— Eugene Wolf (Actor/Director/Musician, Abingdon, VA)
some sessions I came away with a great sense of calm. a feeling, a new knowledge that I could change some pattern or cycle I was in the throes of. other times I came away with a sense of brightness in my soul. joy. inspiration. her sessions are amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled healer. julie is a shining light. she is an empath in the truest and best sense of the word.
— S.Z. Brooklyn
hope & possibility. a feeling that you are not alone in your healing journey.
— Marcia Fritz, Chicago, IL
After a session with Julie, I feel so aware of the potential that dwells within me. It’s like being able to suddenly see through a window that has been there all along... and there is an exhilaration of victory because I have touched the part of myself that perhaps I have neglected. And I know that a healing session with Julie is a form of self-love and care. It’s being welcomed back to who you truly are — in this present moment — and I am so grateful. In fact, after a session with Julie, you become grateful for EVERYTHING in your life. She reminds you that the awareness — which has been with you all along — is available at any moment.
— C.K. (Writer, Actor, Director, New York City)
Sometimes the shifting takes a little time to experience, but after awhile you can expect to feel more integrated and lighter.
— Jill D. (Pianist/Artist NYC)
I think you will take with you what you shape for yourself. Julie is a guide. You heal yourself.
— W.R. (Actress, Chicago)
A feeling of increased lightness and an unclenching of the tightness of our problems.
— R (NY, NY)

I AM YES. Bringing you back into your power with conscious choice.