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I AM YES® is a holistic healing practice that empowers you bring the mind, body, and spirit together with conscious choice. 

FAQ 3: How is I AM YES healing with Julie different from other healing practices you may have experienced?

My healing sessions with Julie have been different because I am involved and engaged during the session in a way that no other healer has requested. There is a palpable energy flow between me and Julie that is active and kinetic.
— Eugene Wolf (Actor/Director/Musician, Abingdon, VA)
Julie’s Lifeline work is a positive approach to healing, where she assists clients in identifying their greatest possibilities by guiding them through a non intrusive set of steps. It is immediate, and it gets to the root of old subconscious messages that stand in the way of seeing our true loving nature.
— Marcia Fritz, Chicago, IL
Healing with Julie has been a direct and powerful experience. The healing practice I was engaged in before, moved me slowly toward peacefulness and understanding, I felt that I was making real progress. Yet, after my first session with Julie, it was like getting into a race car. The obstacles that had tripped me up before seemed to just vanish— healing with Julie was an entirely new experience!
— Nicole (Artist, NYC)
I have worked in several healing modalities and Julie’s practice is, by far, the most fun! I was surprised at the uniqueness of Julie’s work in that she engaged the highest aspects of myself while, at the same time, creating an atmosphere of absolute comfort. I felt safe and secure and was easily able to participate in the process of my own healing in a very deep way. Most importantly, Julie gives you a few tools to help you facilitate your own healing moving forward.
— C.K. (Writer, Actor, Director, New York City)
Julie manages to get to the core of the issue with this work while other methods that I have tried just seemed to have little or a temporary effect. She is very thorough in exploring the roots of the patterns that may be holding you back. I have found alot of relief since going through the process several times with Julie.
— Jill D. (Pianist/Artist NYC)
The healing is more in depth and comprehensive than other healing practices that I’ve experienced. Because energy testing is used, it hones in on your particular experience and expression of the symptom. It’s personalized.
— Katherine (Brooklyn)
I have not experienced many other healing practices, so I can’t be extensive. But this was the first time I was so thoroughly convinced that my well-being was so important to the healer. Rather than just their job.
— Darius (Portland, OR)
I’ve never had a healing session with anyone else. I chose Julie for my healing session because after reading all of the information on her website I felt that she was a genuine person and that she could help me, which she did.
— Elizabeth (NY)

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